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What is the Best Diet for Breast Feeding Mothers?

A breast-feeding woman needs 500 more calories a day than before she was pregnant. Most women need at least 1,800 calories a day, but some women need up to 3,300 calories a day. You could try to add up your calorie intake before you were pregnant, and add 500 calories of healthful food.

You could also use the Food Pyramid as a guide; the upper recommendations add up to around 2,600 calories. You need a high quality diet, so be sure you get the basic food groups in balance.

As you breast-feed, you will slowly use up some of the stored calories in your adipose tissue, but it is not recommended to diet at this time.

If you are maintaining your weight, then you are eating enough food, but be sure you drink plenty of water. A registered dietitian could help you develop a specific diet plan based on your food likes and dislikes, as well as your personal metabolic needs. Your height and weight must be considered, too.

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