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Well Met Online Part 6

The Caveats

Now that I have gushed on about how wonderful it is to meet the perfect mate online, I feel that I must at least make an effort to insert some cautionary notes. I’ve described my other online friends, at some length, for a good reason. It is important to understand that I have good instincts about people, instincts that are seldom wrong. I found that these instincts worked equally well with people I met online. Those I felt an instant kinship with have all turned out to be good people, deserving of my trust and friendship. Those few who set off alarm bells turned out to be wretches, liars, and all-around bad apples.

If you find you are constantly making poor choices when meeting new people, becoming intimate and discovering later that you have made a serious mistake, then you must be doubly cautious online.

Although it might appear that Bill and I rushed into our relationship, nothing could be further from the truth. We had a solid friendship based on mutual admiration and respect for each other’s writing long before we began to feel the desire to take our friendship to the next level. Just the obstacle of distance was enough to preclude such thoughts initially. Neither of us was actively seeking a mate online. We were both dating others in our immediate areas. By the time we both realized that we had stumbled into something that was potentially very special we already knew a lot about each other. We both possessed the sort of biographical information about the other that is easily checked on; we knew we were not dealing with frauds.

Since meeting Bill, I have related the details of our meeting and clicking with many others. In return I have heard many wonderful stories about equally happy chance encounters. In every case, the couples in question met doing something of mutual interest. They were not in chat rooms seeking a partner.

They were both actively engaged in something of personal interest and just happened on each other, building a durable friendship based on respect and shared likes and dislikes. They developed a solid basis by email correspondence, snail mail, and phone calls long before they actually were able to physically touch.

Remember, for me, in a seemingly unrelated series of events, I set my feet upon the path that would eventually have me driving 1500 miles across country to be with a man whom I confidently expect to be with for the rest of my life.

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