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Well Met Online Part 4

The Beginning of Something Special

Now the floodgates were open. We began to move our friendship onto a more intimate level, cautiously at first but steady progress was being made. I sent him deer jerky and chocolate truffles. He sent a picture. Phone numbers were exchanged. The first nervous call was put through. Not surprisingly, we had a lot to talk about and managed to babble on for nearly three hours. Emails became an all-day event, something we both anticipated eagerly as the best parts of our otherwise lonely and dull days.

By the middle of February we knew we had to meet. On a whim, because I had nothing keeping me at home, I packed the car and left the next day, driving 1500 miles across six states and parts of two others in about 25 hours.

Any awkwardness at our first meeting, at a 7-11 near his new home, evaporated during our first embrace. We were, after all, good friends and already knew a great deal about each other. Our comfort level was high and our first meeting felt more like a reunion than a first face-to-face encounter. His new house proved to be cozy and I felt right at home there from the very first. His cats accepted me immediately and I never felt intrusive or out-of-place.

The three weeks we spent together flew by but at the same time seemed to last forever because we clicked on so many levels and had so much in common. It was as if we had always known one another. Finally, the reality of my Virginia life poked its ugly snout into our little paradise and I had to drive back to take care of business and the farm.

Then, with the blessings of my friends and business associate, I closed up the house, packed the vehicle, and drove back to Colorado only a week later, this time bringing cats and beer-making supplies and equipment.

Bill and I are now making plans for his relocation to the east coast. His dream has always been to live on a farm in an eastern state with water frontage.

What a fortunate state of affairs that I possess such a place.

We have managed to forge a mutually supportive and loving relationship where all of our needs are being met and neither of us feels used or suppressed. It was so easy!

Why On Line Relationships Bridge So Many Gaps

Were it not for the way we met and became friends, online in a non-physical arena of emails and phone calls, we might never have connected. Bill is shy with women to whom he is attracted. I project a noisily confident, self-assured front in social situations. Had we both been thrust into the same social setting he would have been too diffident to approach me surrounded by more aggressive men and I would have overlooked him. I would have concentrated on projecting my protective force field of witty exuberance.

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