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Well Met Online Part 5

Perhaps in the early days of the 21st Century we have regressed our courtship behavior to that once common in the 19th. Now couples are meeting via computer technology and discovering their mutual suitability (or not) long before the distractions of physical proximity can cloud the senses with pheromones and lust.

This used to be accomplished with arranged meetings staged by appropriate older family members and friends and further facilitated by the exchange of letters followed by heavily chaperoned visits. Maybe our Victorian forebears had the right idea after all and durable marriages are built on common ground and respect acquired through months of friendship and not simply sexual chemistry after an acquaintance of minutes or hours. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

The Dragon Speaks on CyberRomance

They are great! For Bill and me, at any rate.

I have found, in Bill, the man I always hoped for and wanted in my life. A smart man who makes me laugh, can give as good as he gets, and who respects and supports me in every way.

I feel safe with him, able to say whatever is on my mind with out fear of being mocked for my ideas or ignored and, perhaps more importantly, able to expose my own insecurities without fear of ridicule. I know he loves me exactly the way I really am because he has always known exactly how impulsive and outspoken I can be. He knows that I have strong opinions about things and am not shy about expressing them.

We don’t agree on everything but we both respect each other’s ideas. I would no more dream of belittling him for being a staunch Packers fan that he would snigger at my interest in fossils. I can celebrate our differences as gaily as I revel in our sameness. The fact is that we are both abrasive, outspoken, smart, observant, and fiercely loyal individuals. Our personalities seem to mesh perfectly and together we form a sum much greater than its parts. In other words, on a tear, we are frightening to onlookers and we really enjoy going on tears!

I wish that I could say there is a magic formula that always works if only one follows the steps exactly. And, who knows, maybe there is.

All I know for certain is that both Bill and I had arrived separately at the decision not to “settle” for something we knew was wrong and we stuck to those positions. We recognized qualities in each other that we admired and wanted in a mate. We were able to discover these qualities by keeping at a physical distance while writing volumes to each other. It helped that we are both older and wiser now and possess excellent verbal skills.

Bill had a happy marriage with his late wife and never forgot what made it happy. I finally recognized the mistakes I was making in my choice of partners and stopped repeating those errors. Surely serendipity played a big part in our success, both finding each other at exactly the right times in our lives.

Right now we are both contented and happy for the first time in years. We are looking forward to many more years together and believe that together we can finally achieve some of our dreams and goals. Our strengths and weaknesses are nicely balanced in the other and we are able to create together without strife or egos getting in the way. For me, finding all of this in a man I love unreservedly is a miracle, one that I was beginning to believe was never going to happen, and I feel blessed.

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