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Well Met Online Part 3

How two people, one in Colorado, the other in Virginia, begin to create a life together. *The painting used to illustrate this series is called Altered Nature.

Love Blooms and The Nightmare of Too Many Houses

At the end of October…Bill… outrageously funny paragraph-long sentences on current events… a few poignant pieces about the woes of being single, middle-aged, and saddled with an expensive house. His…articles struck a chord with me.

I subscribed to him at once and started leaving comments in his TalkBack box. Within a day or two of leaving my first comment, I received an email from him to which I replied with some bizarre nonsense about setting bear traps by my creek using beer coolers, satellite-feed NFL games, and Lazy-boy recliners as bait. The point being that bears or hunters were equally fair game.

A pretty steady stream of emails ensued from this first encounter. He started reading me and leaving very complimentary comments, then featured me in one of his articles promoting his favorite authors. I was intrigued.

Just who was this funny and talented man living in Colorado Springs? But life continued on for the both of us.

The Weyred Courtship in the New Century

I spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. The several articles produced on this trip, were well laced with political commentary concerning the still-unresolved Presidential election that hinged on the Florida vote count. When I returned to Virginia I wrote and posted a cute piece about making chocolate truffles for Christmas including the warning not to insert coins or engagement rings inside them lest the object of one’s desire inadvertently choke on the symbol of one’s undying devotion. Bill proposed to me in a comment on this article and I accepted in the following comment, with my step-mother chiming in right after, inquiring if I had gotten the ring yet.

In his next email, he requested that I write an article about a typical day at the Weyr and I countered by asking for a copy of the full text of his novel, Minnesconsin. He sent me the Word file and I wrote a long article about shooting a wounded deer from my deck while wearing my nightgown, dressing it out, buying chickens, and trimming the Christmas tree with the help of the cats.

By now the dreaded holidays were upon us. We both spent them alone and feeling blue. Emails trickled off into ominous silence, which I interpreted as a cooling of interest in our friendship and perhaps something new in his real life in Colorado.

Then one morning, when feeling particularly gloomy, I found a cheerful note from my favorite dreamer of nightmares. It lifted my spirits immensely and, without thinking about it much, I responded immediately with a fairly revealing note thanking him for brightening my otherwise depressing day.

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