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Well Met Online Part 2

Part 2 of finding love when you are of a certain age. On line, but up close and personal.

I bought a new computer two years ago. The time was ripe for me to enter the world of Windows and the WWW after 12 years of playing with stone axes, otherwise know as DOS. At first, this seemed an innocent enough pastime. I spent an hour or so daily racking up MyPoints and surfing for AllAdvantage. There were the impulse purchases on eBay and the Amazon auction; I even listed and sold a few items as well.

Then, in a seemingly unrelated series of events, I set my feet upon the path that would eventually have me driving 1500 miles across country to be with a man whom I confidently expect to be with for the rest of my life.

Themestream Startup

I discovered Themestream, a self publishing site for people who were passionate about their interests. I registered as a user but was not sure that I was “passionate” enough about anything to write for them.

Now, I had friends writing on both Epinions and Themestream. As I became more and more disenchanted with Epinions my friends kept urging me to start posting at Themestream. In May I made the leap and posted my first article, followed by several more. I began stretching my ability and giving voice to my more outrageous impulses, writing amusing anecdotes about life in central Virginia. Once again, I began to accumulate a following of loyal fans.

By mid-summer I was posting more on Themestream and had started writing about Dragony Doings. The articles were a natural outgrowth of my original recipes. Instead of featuring food, however, they described the trials and tribulations of living a Dragon’s life. These articles were well received and by fall I was writing almost exclusively about life in the Weyr, how to make home-brew, and the foibles of the Weyr cats.

At the end of October I stumbled onto a new Themestream author, Bill Klein. He was posting outrageously funny paragraph-long sentences on current events, politics, and celebrities which had me laughing out loud. He also wrote a few poignant pieces about the woes of being single, middle-aged, and saddled with an expensive house.

(The author is smitten in part four. And we have the picture of happiness included.)

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