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U.S. Employees Want to be Healthier

If you are trying to set up a corporate fitness program, now may be a good time. According to a survey conducted by Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a health promotion, communication and consulting firm in Midland, Mich., a significant portion of the workforce is interested in improving their health practices.

The survey questioned 10,228 people (55 percent women and 42 percent men) from 26 organizations in various fields, including manufacturing, health insurers, financial services, hospital systems, education and non-profit organizations. It asked them about their health and lifestyle interests, chronic health conditions, learning-style preferences and readiness to change behaviors.

The survey found that 51 percent of respondents would like to start eating healthier, 46 percent wanted to lose weight, 43 percent wanted to exercise more often, 34 percent wanted to manage stress better and 30 percent wanted to sleep better. Among the top-five preferences for physical activities that they enjoy, walking rated No. 1 (42 percent), followed by weight training (29 percent), stretching (23 percent), biking (20 percent) and hiking (16 percent). Reported chronic health conditions included allergies (24 percent), high blood pressure (15 percent), high cholesterol (14 percent), back injury/pain (14 percent) and arthritis (10 percent). As for how to educate employees about health, 58 percent preferred reading materials over books, personal counseling, workshops and videos.

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