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Torture Chamber

Fason Rick and Sharon go from one torment to another. Will the baby be the worst one yet?

Nick and Sharon have got to be the most tortured soap couple in a long time. They go from one crisis to another with only brief moments of happiness in between.

Not only do they have to worry about crazy Tricia coming after them, they now are consumed with thoughts that the baby Sharon is carrying could have been fathered by the evil Matt. This week they both stated their fears about this awful possibility.

Sharon has a very fuzzy memory of what happened the night that Matt drugged her. She really does not know what happened and neither do the fans really. It is true that the show did not show anything happening between the two of them but soaps have been known to not show the whole storyline on screen until much later on. This could be the case here. The show could come out with some never before seen scenes that show exactly what happened or didn’t happen with Matt and Sharon.

Nick has been worried for weeks ever since Matt told him on his deathbed that he had raped Sharon. Nick didn’t put two and two together about the baby until recently and now it is all he can think about. What if the child Sharon is carrying is Matt’s? Would he ever be able to accept it or love it?

And what about poor Sharon? How will it affect her if the baby turns out to be Matt’s? Not only will she have to deal with the fact that the baby is not Nick’s but that she was raped again by Matt. How much is one woman supposed to suffer before she cracks?

And then there is Tricia lurking around, waiting for her chance to get revenge on all the Newman’s. Nick and Sharon have their hands full with problems on all sides.

I still think the baby will turn out to be Nick’s, but that doesn’t mean Sharon and Nick won’t go through weeks and even months of suffering. It seems to be their lot in life. One day hopefully the show will let them be happy for longer than 5 minutes, but I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon.

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