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Should Members Pay for Unused Months

Should members be required to pay dues for unused months at your club? That was the question posed to you in the September 2011 WebRant, which brought one of the most enthusiastic responses to this forum to date (and why we have elected to start with this issue in this newly formatted column).

While many of you said yes, some of you offered a few exceptions, such as medical reasons, extended travel or going away to school.

And some of you said no, citing that your business is better because you offer such flexibility in your memberships.Finally, some of you said it depends, such as it depends on the contract or the member’s circumstances.

Most of you would agree, however, that whatever your facility’s policy is, your members should be well-informed, and should sign a contract upon joining that clearly states that they know the rules about dues payments. For more specific incites, read on.

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