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How much soy should you take when you have menopause? What does the soy do for the body?

You should taklk with your MD before talking soy supplements. Most health experts prefer you get the soy forom soy based foods.
Studies have associated soy with a lower risk for developing heart disease and lower incidences of cancers of the breast, colon, uterus and prostate. Other studies have used soy to lower cholesterol levels, treat hot flashes and increase bone density during and after menopause.

There is quite a bit of interest in the potential for soy to relieve hot flashes, but thus far the results are mixed. Unfortunately, the
most recent study to examine this issue showed no benefits. A recent study, for six months daily, perimenopausal women were fed soy protein (40 g) low in isoflavones (4 mg), soy protein (40 g) high in isoflavones (80 mg) or, whey protein (40 g). Hot flash frequency decreased in all groups, but there was no difference according to treatment. Thus, this study shows that there was a marked placebo effect and/or that hot flashes decrease over time. This is the longest hot flash study involving soy to date. But given the positive results of several other studies, only more research can fully determine whether soy is effective against hot flashes.

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