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Helping clients who suffer back pain. Part 1

“I don’t know what to do about my back,” a client tells you. “I’ve heard bed rest is the worst thing. The other day I read that ignoring the pain and simply resuming your daily activities is more effective than exercise! I can’t believe that. I know you’ve had lots of clients with back problems. What’s worked for them?”

Some questions are hard to answer
It seems like fitness professionals get a lot of seemingly simple questions that are very hard to answer. “What should I do about my back?” is one of them.

The more we learn about back pain, the more complicated the disorder becomes. The back is a complex structure, and something can go wrong with any of its many pieces. Since an exact diagnosis of an individual’s back pain is often hard to come by, treatment advice is equally as scanty. To add to this confusion, a treatment that appears to help one patient is often ineffective for another. Some of us have worked with our own back problems, and love to recommend what worked for us. Unfortunately, our clients may not have the same response. And while some type of exercise is almost always recommended, the wrong kind or amount of exercise can worsen back pain, which puts the fitness instructor or trainer in a tricky situation.

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