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Does Your Baby Get Tummy-Time? Part 2

What does that have to do with their spending time on their backs instead of their tummies? “When you put infants on their stomachs during playtime, they develop better head control, and they build much-needed strength in their arms and shoulders,” Kramer said.

She agrees that putting babies to sleep on their backs is necessary, but said children also need to spend time on their stomachs, during playtime when they are awake.?

“Babies learn by action, rolling over, moving their heads around, and exploring their environment, rather than just lying on their backs receiving stimuli passively. They can learn during playtime on their stomachs from ages two to four months and up,” she said.?

And learning to roll over and crawl “are big deals,” she said. “When we think about child development, we shouldn’t think of only mental development, but also physical development. Hopefully, more parents will allow their infants some tummy time, and we’ll see young children with better upper body development and improved fine motor skills.”

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