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Deborah Horton

Phyllis has FINALLY gotten around to investigating some options on having a child with Jack and it’s about time!

It took long enough but Phyllis has FINALLY gotten around to investigating some options into having a child with Jack. I have always said that the minute she found out she couldn’t have a child the old fashioned way she should start investigating other options. Just because she can’t have one the old fashioned way does not mean this has to be an obstacle for her and Jack and their relationship. And finally someone at the show agrees with me!

Jack and Phyllis are a great couple. They suit each other and I for one am happy to see some romance on the show with a happy couple. The show thought it could break them up by using the fact that Phyllis could not have a child to cause them problems. But this is the 21st century people, there are other ways to have a child these days!

Jack has always longed to be a father. I think it is a role he would really shine in and he had his chance for a short time with Keemo and then thought he would have a chance with Nikki but both of those didn’t last. Phyllis has just found out about Jack and Nikki’s lost child and knows that Jack would make an excellent father.

Phyllis lost much of her parenting time with the mess she made of her time with her son with Danny. She feels as though she wouldn’t make a good parent but I disagree. I think she would be a great mother with the right partner and the right motivation…love.

I think the show is doing a great story by showing what infertile couples must go through to have a child. It can be a long and painful journey, but I think that Phyllis and Jack could be great parents and this story would only serve to bring them closer to each other.

Finally the show is moving this storyline in the right direction. It will be great to watch Jack and Phyllis go through their options and work towards having a child together. I can’t wait to watch!

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