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5 Tips for Beginning Distance Runners

Are you new to the world of distance running? We have some quick tips to keep you going from our running expert. Read this, and then go have a good run!


How Would you Organize Each Practice Lesson

Each practice would start off with a “chalk talk,” demonstrations or instruction of the basic skills being worked on. The amount of time and complexity of the instruction would depend on how far the athletes as a whole have progressed.


Novice to Professional Levels of Scuba Diving

For those of you that are curious as to the structure of courses from novice to professional, the PADI structure is as follows:



What is it? What comes to mind when you think of swimming? Maybe you picture someone doing endless laps in an Olympic-sized pool. But lap swimming is only one form of water exercise. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or an experienced one, working out in water can be the ideal way to […]

Creating Your Own Board Games

Playing board games with children is a great way to spend time together. Children enjoy the attention, and they learn and practice many skills: social, physical and intellectual. You also can encourage your children to design their own games. Four types are described here. Cover boards and pieces with clear self-stick paper, and your family […]

All About the Holiday Bizarre

Welcome to the Holiday Bizarre! What is the purpose of this site? Well.. Almost everyone loves holidays and pretty much everyone knows when Halloween is, and Christmas, and Easter; but do you know when national Pizza Month is? How about Circus Day or National Buy Nothing Day? Did you know there is a special reason […]

Sports History: Williams 2001

A review of Williams’ 2001 campaign, plus other news.

Well, Williams had quite a banner year. BMW, having returned to F1 with the Williams team in 2000 surprised a lot of people and were competitive from the start.