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The Compromises and the Promises, Part 2

The 60’s generation seems to be a magnanimous place in history where the conflict began. For if the ideals of the previous generation had lived on, we as women would probably be content to stay home with our children and bake bread from scratch. Not that many women still don’t live by and absolutely thrive […]

The Compromises and the Promises, Part 1

Our own identities include, among other disasters, the 80’s. So what the heck can you expect from us?

The thirty-something Generation X women of today are a coleslaw type mix of stereotypes. We were born into the tail end generation of free love and revolution of the 60’s and 70’s.


It’s Easier when you Think

The restaurant down the street. The clothing store at the mall. The movie complex. The supermarket. Your club. They all have one thing in common: They rely, day in and day out, on perfect strangers to come in off the street and become the most important people to their business — paying customers. And very […]

Well Met Online Part 6

The Caveats

Now that I have gushed on about how wonderful it is to meet the perfect mate online, I feel that I must at least make an effort to insert some cautionary notes. I’ve described my other online friends, at some length, for a good reason. It is important to understand that I have […]

Well Met Online Part 5

Perhaps in the early days of the 21st Century we have regressed our courtship behavior to that once common in the 19th. Now couples are meeting via computer technology and discovering their mutual suitability (or not) long before the distractions of physical proximity can cloud the senses with pheromones and lust.


Well Met Online Part 4

The Beginning of Something Special

Now the floodgates were open. We began to move our friendship onto a more intimate level, cautiously at first but steady progress was being made. I sent him deer jerky and chocolate truffles. He sent a picture. Phone numbers were exchanged. The first nervous call was put through. Not surprisingly, […]

Well Met Online Part 3

How two people, one in Colorado, the other in Virginia, begin to create a life together. *The painting used to illustrate this series is called Altered Nature.


Well Met Online Part 2

Part 2 of finding love when you are of a certain age. On line, but up close and personal.

I bought a new computer two years ago. The time was ripe for me to enter the world of Windows and the WWW after 12 years of playing with stone axes, otherwise know as DOS. […]

Well Met Online Part 1

Whether single or not, you might (must) wonder about people who meet on line. Real friendship? Real love? Finding a good new person to add to your life is often a challenge once one is a certain age. Watch love unfold as two writers meet in this linked four part piece. A snack or a […]

Living Together Before Marriage

I’ve been dating a guy for several years. I love him and we’re talking about marriage, but he wants to live together first. He has a great apartment that would be ideal, but I’m scared. I read that couples who live together before marriage have a higher rate of divorce. Plus, my mother keeps repeating […]