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Helping clients who suffer back pain. Part 4

Once acute pain has subsided, exercise to stretch and strengthen postural muscles is almost universally recommended. One bout of back pain is an indication that something needs attention. That something is usually a combination of correct body mechanics and physical fitness.


Helping clients who suffer back pain. Part 3

Of course, many questions remain. Will the control subjects with disc abnormalities later go on to develop pain? And how often do medical tests give a false positive result for people with chronic back pain? Until we have better diagnostic procedures, physicians must do their best to piece together their best guess with […]

Helping clients who suffer back pain. Part 2

Begin at the beginning Of course you would begin by referring clients back to their physicians for medical advice. While in most cases back pain indicates an isolated musculoskeletal disorder, occasionally, and very rarely, back pain is a symptom of a serious underlying disorder, such as kidney disease or cancer. Tests may be […]

Helping clients who suffer back pain. Part 1

“I don’t know what to do about my back,” a client tells you. “I’ve heard bed rest is the worst thing. The other day I read that ignoring the pain and simply resuming your daily activities is more effective than exercise! I can’t believe that. I know you’ve had lots of clients with […]