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Promotion, Sales & Marketing

Developing a promotional campaign that actually brings in new members is a difficult task. But, such a challenge didn’t stop Women’s Fitness Center from creating and implementing its Member Profile Series, an advertising campaign that focused on the success stories of its members.

The goals of the campaign were to enhance market awareness of the […]

Aerobics Making the Student Connection, Part 2

Are you in touch with your students?

Students are the judge and jury regarding the quality of your aerobics program, so it’s critical you stay informed of their needs and wants. The classes you offer should be directly associated with your clients. As their expectations change, so should your class schedule and services. Here are […]

Aerobics Making the Student Connection, Part 1

Use these criteria to evaluate your program and to develop strategies and tactics that will keep students coming back for more.

Gone are the days when clients participated in an aerobics program for “just a little exercise.” They not only want their instructors to give them a good workout, they want to be educated, entertained […]

The Race Doesn’t Always Go to the Swift. Part 2

As a political consultant, the one thing I must watch on television is the nightly news. What a perfect opportunity to do some aerobics! So, I devised a little low-impact aerobic-dance routine with lots of arm and leg movement. I’m ashamed to admit I had to stop the first night, huffing and puffing, […]

The Race Doesn’t Always Go to the Swift. Part 1

Fitness, I have found, is a state of mind. During my youth, fitness was a gift I simply took for granted. I was very active. My weight was stable, my general health excellent. As far as I was concerned, I was fit. I was also too shortsighted to envision the day when I […]

Changed a Life, Inside Out Post 2

When asked what the turning point in her life was, she said, “Tae-Bo was a tool to help take the focus off of the outside of me and made me look inside to see who I was and what was important to me. I realized that it’s not about what I look like or […]

Changed a Life, Inside Out Post 1

Enter the Tennessee home of Shannon and her fiancé, Bob, and you’ll sense the warmth and vitality that’s expressed through homey smells, inviting décor and brightly colored toys.


GetStarted: Lower Back

What you can do to prevent an aching back

An estimated 80 to 90 percent of the U.S. population suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lives, with 10 to 20 percent reporting back pain at least once a year. So it’s likely that lower back pain affects you or someone you […]

Train Your Lats: Best Back Exercises

Developing strong upper back muscles will help you with any activity that requires lifting or pulling. You will also stand taller and banish the slump you get from working at a desk or computer.

You may have seen a bodybuilder strike a pose that shows off rippling back muscles. You probably won’t be able to […]