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U.S. Employees Want to be Healthier

If you are trying to set up a corporate fitness program, now may be a good time. According to a survey conducted by Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a health promotion, communication and consulting firm in Midland, Mich., a significant portion of the workforce is interested in improving their health practices.


Moms Get Motivated to Work Out

For years, it’s been my favorite line — Yeah, I work out, my washer and dryer are in the basement and all our bedrooms are on the top floor. After all, I’m busy with two preschoolers.


Exercise Lite

This letter requests to publish in Fitness Management next month our opinion as to the meaning, intent, probable behavioral and social effects, and health implications of the “Exercise Lite” public awareness message that was issued jointly in the summer of 1993 by the American College of Sports Medicine and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. […]

Flexibility, Balance and Mobility

Stretching exercises focus on improving flexibility, enhancing posture and helping you gain confidence in balance and mobility, which reduces the risk of injury.


Kids and Type 2 Diabetes: An Epidemic?

Type 2 diabetes was not identified in children until the late 1970s and was first reported among the U.S. Pima Indians and Canadian First Nation People. There are no large-scale population studies relating to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes among young people.


Total Fitness for Your Child

As your child’s schoolwork starts to pile up, don’t fall down on exercise. Make sure your child gets adequate physical activity on a daily basis. For total fitness, your child needs to participate in a variety of activities that offer these three key components:


Mandie’s Journal: Week Ten

Dear Armand, This week I did:

Sunday: 40 minutes on treadmill, 20 minutes on cycling, 5 minutes on treadmill (cool down) Tuesday: 1 hour cutthroat racquetball Thursday: 2 hours walleyball I did exercise diligently and ate pretty well, but I am frustrated that my weight did not decrease. Hopefully it’s due […]

Low-Fat Diet May Help Prevent Diabetes

If you have members who are at risk for developing diabetes, a low-fat diet may help them to improve their glucose tolerance, and thus reduce their risk for diabetes.


Should Members Pay for Unused Months

Should members be required to pay dues for unused months at your club? That was the question posed to you in the September 2011 WebRant, which brought one of the most enthusiastic responses to this forum to date (and why we have elected to start with this issue in this newly formatted column).


Innovation Personal Training

Meeting the needs of both employees and management can sometimes seem a difficult task. Still, sometimes looking “outside the box” can help to see possible solutions. “Innovations are expected at the Cooper Fitness Center,” says fitness director Phillip Youngblood, “so we continually have to be creative in developing new ideas.” Finding a way to motivate […]