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Surviving the Terrible 2s. Part 2

“Expect the worst, and you’ll get the worst,” said Nelsen, who hosts an extensive parenting Web site called Positive Discipline. “People spend so much time dreading this age that they miss all the great things their child is doing. Parents need to focus on the positive things going on — not just the […]

Fatal Error

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of technology. Thanks to the increased speed and storage capacity of computers, we here at The Ornery Reports find that we can make more mistakes much faster than ever before and –



Entrepreneurs must master on-line research

Some time ago, I came across a quote from futurist Lewis Perelman: “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”

It is a statement that should be adopted with a vengeance as the founding philosophy for any small-business owner.


Roman Geography Glossary

This short glossary of the most common Roman geographical terms have been listed under two categories.


Deborah Horton

Phyllis has FINALLY gotten around to investigating some options on having a child with Jack and it’s about time!

It took long enough but Phyllis has FINALLY gotten around to investigating some options into having a child with Jack. I have always said that the minute she found out she couldn’t have a child […]

Wresting power from the dealers. Part 2

Traditionally, when a consumer wanted a vehicle that a smaller dealer failed to have in its own inventory, the dealer would simply track down the vehicle, trade inventory with the dealer who had it, and make the sale. Now, consumers find they can easily find the vehicle on their own, typically at the […]

Wresting power from the dealers. Part 1

By Sept. 4, 1997 — just 98 days after Zarrella’s call — Pattyn was ready to start her most ambitious selling job: enrolling dealers in GM BuyPower. The program called for training a salesperson at each dealership in the art of email communication with customers. “It was basically put together over a short […]