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Am I Pregnant?

While they are not failsafe indicators of pregnancy, a missed menstrual period, nausea, tender breasts, frequent urination, and fatigue are often the first indications that conception may have occurred. Other common early signs of pregnancy include changes in the color of vaginal tissue, darkening of the areola (the skin around the nipples), blue and pink lines under the skin on the breasts, and unusual food cravings .

More reliable signs of pregnancy, which a medical professional will check for or ask about if a pregnancy is suspected, include softening of the uterus and cervix two to eight weeks after conception, an enlarged uterus and abdomen at eight to 12 weeks, and intermittent painless contractions. Even these signs, however, can be caused by other medical conditions.

The first definite proof of pregnancy is detection of the baby’s heartbeat. The heartbeat can sometimes be heard with an ultrasound Doppler device as early as week 10 into the pregnancy, and almost always by 12 weeks .

The Doppler device is a hand-held ultrasound instrument. Ultrasound is a technique of emitting sounds that are reflected back by objects in fluid, revealing information about the shape of the objects. It is similar to the echolocation used by some marine mammals to navigate underwater. The Doppler device picks up sounds and amplifies them so that we can hear them, or converts sounds into electrical signals that then produce an image on a screen. Ultrasound poses little or no risk to the fetus.
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Other positive signs of pregnancy are fetal movement felt through the abdomen, which can occur as soon as Week 16 after conception, and a visual ultrasound image of the embryo or gestational sac, which can be seen beginning around four to six weeks after conception.

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