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All About the Holiday Bizarre

Welcome to the Holiday Bizarre! What is the purpose of this site? Well.. Almost everyone loves holidays and pretty much everyone knows when Halloween is, and Christmas, and Easter; but do you know when national Pizza Month is? How about Circus Day or National Buy Nothing Day? Did you know there is a special reason to celebrate almost every day of the year? Some holidays and special days are rich in tradition including special rituals, recipes, symbols, stories, etc. The traditions for those same holidays and special days can vary greatly from culture to culture and even family to family. Some special days are celebrated by some but admonished by others. Other special days and holidays are just great excuses to have fun. Why not set aside some time to celebrate Kite Day, National Police Week, or Peanut Butter Lover’s Month? Gather with friends and family and enjoy some related activities, food, stories, and more. International Calling Cards

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