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5 Tips for Beginning Distance Runners

Are you new to the world of distance running? We have some quick tips to keep you going from our running expert. Read this, and then go have a good run!

MEASURE by time rather than distance. Start by building stamina. Run for longer periods each time you go out. If you start at 15 minutes, work up to 30 and then to 40 and then an hour. Progress gradually. After being able to run non-stop for 40 minutes or so, then focus on speed and distance.

WEAR good shoes! If you are running more than 15 minutes on concrete or asphalt, invest in a pair of high quality running shoes. You can find decent shoes on sale at a sporting goods store. However, if you are a serious runner, head for a specialty store. The sales person will likely have you run in variety of shoes and analyze your technique. If you are a heel striker, you will need most of your cushioning in the heel. If you are a midfoot or forefoot striker, you will need a shoe with a thicker, broader forefoot and less heel support. If your foot rolls inward, you pronate and need a shoe with a strong arch support, etc.

REST. Do not overdo it. Listen to your body and recover by giving yourself at least one rest day per week.

BREATHE! Concentrate on breathing deeply from your diaphragm with a steady rhythm of at least one breath in and one breath out for every four strides. Play with your breathing and see what works best.

HYDRATE! Always drink enough water. If you get cramps from drinking water before you run, try to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

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