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The Compromises and the Promises, Part 2

The 60’s generation seems to be a magnanimous place in history where the conflict began. For if the ideals of the previous generation had lived on, we as women would probably be content to stay home with our children and bake bread from scratch. Not that many women still don’t live by and absolutely thrive […]

The Compromises and the Promises, Part 1

Our own identities include, among other disasters, the 80’s. So what the heck can you expect from us?

The thirty-something Generation X women of today are a coleslaw type mix of stereotypes. We were born into the tail end generation of free love and revolution of the 60’s and 70’s.



How much soy should you take when you have menopause? What does the soy do for the body?

You should taklk with your MD before talking soy supplements. Most health experts prefer you get the soy forom soy based foods.


5 Tips for Beginning Distance Runners

Are you new to the world of distance running? We have some quick tips to keep you going from our running expert. Read this, and then go have a good run!


The Wonders of Water

By now, most of us have probably heard that drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day is good for us. But many people might be unaware of just how many benefits drinking water daily can provide our bodies and our minds. As far as beverages go, water is definitely the best bet for people […]

U.S. Employees Want to be Healthier

If you are trying to set up a corporate fitness program, now may be a good time. According to a survey conducted by Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a health promotion, communication and consulting firm in Midland, Mich., a significant portion of the workforce is interested in improving their health practices.