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Smoking May Compromise Nutrition

A study has found that people who smoke may put their family at risk of poor nutrition and increase their risk of chronic diseases and obesity, as smokers and their families consume more saturated and total fat than their nonsmoking counterparts.


Fibromyalgia, Lupus & Exercise

Q.I am 49 and have had fibromyalgia and lupus for two years. It is getting harder to exercise because of the pain. Could you recommend a book on some good stretching exercises that would be helpful for me? Would an air-walker be a good exercise machine to invest in?


What My Children Have Taught Me

I’ve been appreciating my children a lot lately, stopping to consider just how much they’ve taught me about life in the 11 years since I first became a mother.


Low-Fat Diet May Help Prevent Diabetes

If you have members who are at risk for developing diabetes, a low-fat diet may help them to improve their glucose tolerance, and thus reduce their risk for diabetes.


Match the Art

What you’ll need: Two identical sets of brochures (art museum brochures are wonderful!), postcards from art museums, magazines, family photos or other beautiful pictures; poster board or cardboard; glue, scissors, clear adhesive paper (optional)