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Fight Off Colds With a Fork

It’s the time to put together your cold-and-flu arsenal — cold remedies, tissues and nasal sprays. Although you may wash your hands frequently, steer clear of sick co-workers and get a flu shot, your best defense against those common wintertime illnesses is a health-packed diet.


And give Time

“Women need to keep on with a treatment regimen and not give up. It can take approximately 12 months to see hair regrowth,” she said.

It may take that long to identify the cause.

“It could be something that happened six months or a year before that affects the hair, because it takes a while […]

In Reporting Health Risks, Media Emphasizes the Unknown

The media may do more harm than good when it comes to informing consumers about real health risks, according to Lydia Miljan, Ph.D., of The Frasier Institute, a Canadian public policy organization.

Consumers often rely on the media for information about health risks, including everything from the latest studies on cancer […]

Immunity Challenge

The spider has chomped her head off and has already begun spinning its cocoon of death. Woe is me.


Chronic Use of OTC Pain Medications in High School Athletes

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, such as acetominophen, ibuprofen and naproxen, are useful for reducing pain and swelling when taken occasionally, but, when taken daily, the medications may cause serious gastrointestinal and kidney problems.


The Beauty of Alcohol

Erin was surprised at Chuay Gahn, “This is just nuts being over here. It’s totally different than I ever expected. While we were over at Sook Jai, we were thinking, ‘God, how boring their tribe must be.’ I never would’ve expected any of this. I was really amazed.”