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Should Members Pay for Unused Months

Should members be required to pay dues for unused months at your club? That was the question posed to you in the September 2011 WebRant, which brought one of the most enthusiastic responses to this forum to date (and why we have elected to start with this issue in this newly formatted column).


Lifestyle Important Determinant of Heart Disease in Women

For years experts have advised the public to improve heart health by making various changes in diet and lifestyle. Numerous studies indicate that either not smoking, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less saturated fat, or getting regular exercise can lower heart disease risk.


Innovation Personal Training

Meeting the needs of both employees and management can sometimes seem a difficult task. Still, sometimes looking “outside the box” can help to see possible solutions. “Innovations are expected at the Cooper Fitness Center,” says fitness director Phillip Youngblood, “so we continually have to be creative in developing new ideas.” Finding a way to motivate […]

Do Hgh Supplements Work

The HGH Supplement: Treatment with an HGH supplement is quite a new idea. The human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a hormone that is found in its natural state in people’s bodies. Produced in the brain’s pituitary organ, HGH is responsible for a number of vital functions.


Political Digression, Part 2

Anyway, Helen sucks for wanting to vote Brian out just because he has money. That’s like going to a chess tournament and hearing, “Anyone who makes a lot of money has to let your opponent win.”