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Anthrax Reported in New York NBC Worker

An employee at NBC’s New York headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center has been diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax–contracted through the skin rather than inhaled–possibly after handling “suspicious mail,” according to NBC sources.


Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 9

It seems that within every walk of life the issue of sexual abuse is being thoroughly examined in the family, within the medical profession, the teaching profession, the church, and so on. There has always been the pain and suffering of sexual abuse; it just has not been talked about. It has been locked away […]

Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 8

My motivation for giving this talk was the unbelievable number of tales I was hearing of professional sexual abuse, ranging from the mundane to the gross. From people who had been asked intimate questions about their sex lives at a first visit, without any warning, sandwiched between urination and respiratory complaints, to patients who had […]


What is it? What comes to mind when you think of swimming? Maybe you picture someone doing endless laps in an Olympic-sized pool. But lap swimming is only one form of water exercise. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or an experienced one, working out in water can be the ideal way to […]

Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 7


Transference and counter-transference are about emotional responses and feelings. A patient has a feeling response to a practitioner based on any similarities between how he looks or behaves and someone the patient has known, usually a parent figure. The patient brings or transfers emotional responses (feelings, attitudes, behavior) from a past relationship into […]

Work is a Workout and Calories Count

After nearly two decades out of favor in the popular culture, two old principles of fitness are making their way back.

In the forties and fifties, mothers said, “I get plenty of exercise keeping up with the kids.” Dads said, “I exercise; my job is physical work.