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Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 5

I repertorized eccentricity, music ameliorates and hyperactivity, and then found the confirming mental in the Repertory: Hide, desire Synthetic to, on account of fear of being assaulted. Tarentulawas the only remedy. I prescribed Tarentula hispanica 200 (three doses at two hourly intervals).


Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 4

Power In the Consulting Room

The artificial boundary we create in the consulting room not only protects patients and practitioners, it is also designed to break down resistance and encourage patients to reveal themselves and their innermost secrets so that we can fully understand who they are and what has shaped them. Some practitioners […]

Getting the Preventive Care You Need

Less than half the population in the United States gets medical tests or advice that could prevent serious disease later in life, new research reveals.

A first-ever cost-to-benefit analysis of preventive care found that: Doctors and health care professionals help fewer than a third of their patients quit smoking.

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Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 3

General information: 6 feet 3 inches tall. Weight: ten-and-a-half stone (147 pounds). He has never been able to gain weight, has been skinny all his life. He smokes 20 cigarettes a day (since the age of 14). He smokes cannabis daily. His appetite is poor; he decided to go vegetarian for moral reasons and now […]

Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 2

As a result of this work I gave a presentation at The Society of Homeopaths Conference in 1988 on supervision and have spoken every [1] other year since on aspects of my work. The Society is the organization that represents the professional homeopath (as we prefer to be called) in the UK. The term “lay” […]

Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 6

The Flaws of the Practitioner

As alternative practitioners, we have a tendency to smugness. We think we are better than orthodox doctors because we have better tools. What we can do, however, is make different mistakes – mistakes that can actually be equally as distressing. Working with people will bring up feelings for the practitioner […]