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Wresting power from the dealers. Part 2

Traditionally, when a consumer wanted a vehicle that a smaller dealer failed to have in its own inventory, the dealer would simply track down the vehicle, trade inventory with the dealer who had it, and make the sale. Now, consumers find they can easily find the vehicle on their own, typically at the […]

Wresting power from the dealers. Part 1

By Sept. 4, 1997 — just 98 days after Zarrella’s call — Pattyn was ready to start her most ambitious selling job: enrolling dealers in GM BuyPower. The program called for training a salesperson at each dealership in the art of email communication with customers. “It was basically put together over a short […]

Chemistry in the Consulting Room Post 1

Abstract This paper deeply explores many issues relevant to clinical practice today; among them, the imperative that we respect the patient; power in the consulting room — imploring us to utilize the power our patients bestow upon us in a wise and conscientious manner; the value of clinical supervision to clarify our perspectives and defuse […]

Well Met Online Part 6

The Caveats

Now that I have gushed on about how wonderful it is to meet the perfect mate online, I feel that I must at least make an effort to insert some cautionary notes. I’ve described my other online friends, at some length, for a good reason. It is important to understand that I have […]

Well Met Online Part 5

Perhaps in the early days of the 21st Century we have regressed our courtship behavior to that once common in the 19th. Now couples are meeting via computer technology and discovering their mutual suitability (or not) long before the distractions of physical proximity can cloud the senses with pheromones and lust.


Well Met Online Part 4

The Beginning of Something Special

Now the floodgates were open. We began to move our friendship onto a more intimate level, cautiously at first but steady progress was being made. I sent him deer jerky and chocolate truffles. He sent a picture. Phone numbers were exchanged. The first nervous call was put through. Not surprisingly, […]