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Well Met Online Part 3

How two people, one in Colorado, the other in Virginia, begin to create a life together. *The painting used to illustrate this series is called Altered Nature.


Am I Pregnant?

While they are not failsafe indicators of pregnancy, a missed menstrual period, nausea, tender breasts, frequent urination, and fatigue are often the first indications that conception may have occurred. Other common early signs of pregnancy include changes in the color of vaginal tissue, darkening of the areola (the skin around the nipples), blue and pink […]

Well Met Online Part 2

Part 2 of finding love when you are of a certain age. On line, but up close and personal.

I bought a new computer two years ago. The time was ripe for me to enter the world of Windows and the WWW after 12 years of playing with stone axes, otherwise know as DOS. […]

Well Met Online Part 1

Whether single or not, you might (must) wonder about people who meet on line. Real friendship? Real love? Finding a good new person to add to your life is often a challenge once one is a certain age. Watch love unfold as two writers meet in this linked four part piece. A snack or a […]

Reports Show How Anthrax Threw Doctors Post 2

“His gastrointestinal symptoms and hypotension were thought to be related to a gastrointestinal illness of viral origin,” says a report on Curseen’s case in an electronic version of the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.