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New Procedure Can Help Fibroid Tumor Patients Avoid Hysterectomy

Women who suffer from benign uterine fibroids usually face hysterectomy. A new, minimally invasive procedure called laparoscopic myolysis may prevent most benign fibroid patients from undergoing hysterectomy and losing their ability to have children.


Who’s the Boss Post 2

2. Make sure to leave space for him to take over when he’s home. This means that he has a lot of time alone with the kids, without your supervision, criticism, expertise or good advice unless he wants it. You’re not doing him any favors by taking over or acting as if his travel excuses […]

Who’s the Boss Post 1

My husband, Jerry, travels a great deal on business and is away for weeks at a time. I stay home with our two children, and it seems as if things are better when he’s away. I’m completely in love with him, but the household simply runs more smoothly when I’m the only one in charge. […]

Torture Chamber

Fason Rick and Sharon go from one torment to another. Will the baby be the worst one yet?

Nick and Sharon have got to be the most tortured soap couple in a long time. They go from one crisis to another with only brief moments of happiness in between.